Nathanael A. Volckening

SOLD“A Way Skyward”20” x 16” oil on board
SOLD“Shouldering the Light”20” x 16” oil on canvas 
SOLD“Valley Drove II”24” x 24” oil on canvas
SOLD“Cloven Langour”18” x 18” oil on board
SOLD“Endymion”24” x 12” oil on canvas
SOLD"Dwelling"20” x 16” oil on canvas
SOLD“Sonorous II”20” x 16” oil on panel
SOLD“Call of the Rain”24” x 20” oil on linen
SOLD“Days End II”9” x 12” oil on panel
SOLD"Brazen Fall"12" x 12" oil on wood panel
SOLD"Woven_Rain"30" x24"
SOLD“Summer Passage”4” x 11” oil on wood panel
SOLD“Eagle Nest”16” x 20” Oil on board
SOLD“Pastoral of the Valley”20” x 24” oil on linen
SOLD"Valley Drove"8" x 10", oil on canvas 
SOLD“Days End”18” x 24” oil on canvas
SOLD“Moonrise”8” x 10” oil on wood panel
SOLD"Evening_Cliffs"11" x 14" oil on wood panel
SOLD“Winter Bloom”14” x 11” oil on wood panel
SOLD“Sonorous”11” x 14” Oil on board
Nathanael A. Volckening inTaos

Nathanael A. Volckening Biography

Nathanael Volckening was born in 1988 to a family of artists and craftspeople, and raised in Taos where he developed a deep love and appreciation for the artistic heritage of northern New Mexico. Enamored by the works of Nicolai Fechin, Maynard Dixon, Ernest L. Blumenschein, and others, Nathanael followed their example and built an artistic foundation in the traditions of the old masters before developing a more personal style. Though he has received guidance and instruction from various living artists, Nathanael is largely self taught, owing much of his knowledge to his study of great artworks of the past. Today, Nathanael lives with his growing family in Colorado, taking frequent painting trips throughout the American Southwest. Taos remains one of his most beloved places of inspiration.

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