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Robert Daughters (1929 - 2013)

"Back Road to Trampas"
SOLD "Back Road to Trampas"30" x 24"
"Holly Hocks"
SOLD"Holly Hocks"
"Campo Conejos"
SOLD"Campo Conejos" 18" x 24"
"Chamisa Shadows"
SOLD"Chamisa Shadows" 24" x 30"
"Ben Luhan"
SOLD "Ben Luhan"
"Placitas Chapel"
SOLD"Placitas Chapel"
"Indian on Quesnel Street"
SOLD "Indian on Quesnel Street"
"Shelling Corn"
SOLD"Shelling Corn"
"Valdez Valley"
SOLD"Valdez Valley"
"Church of Immaculate Conception"
SOLD"Church of Immaculate Conception"
"Hondo Church"
SOLD"Hondo Church"
"Early Snow"
SOLD"Early Snow"
"Winter Chamisa"
SOLD"Winter Chamisa"12" x 16" oil on canvas
Robert Daughters

Robert Daughters

Photo by The Taos News

Daughters, living for 20 years in Berninghaus' studio and home in Taos, said,

"The composition always comes first," "I like to have an important visual point;

sometimes it's a structure, and sometimes it might be a color."

Robert A. Daughters was active/lived in New Mexico, Arizona, Missouri.

He is known for expressionist western landscape, figure and genre painting.

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