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W. Herbert Dunton Paintings

“The Bob Cat Hunter”
SOLD“The Bob Cat Hunter”13” x 15”
"Winter Moonlight"
SOLD"Winter Moonlight"
SOLD“Portrait”12 ½" x 10 ½"
"Taos Pueblo Indian”
SOLD"Taos Pueblo Indian”
"Horse in Sage"
SOLD"Horse in Sage"
"Spike and Cow Elk"
SOLD"Spike and Cow Elk"
"Summer Sage"
SOLD"Summer Sage"
"The Lonely Vigil" Study
SOLD"The Lonely Vigil" Study
"First Trail"
SOLD"First Trail"
"Gold Rush"
SOLD"Gold Rush"
"Old Timer"
SOLD"Old Timer"
"Old Timer"
SOLD"Old Timer"
When Dunton fell in love with Taos, he said, "The Taos Indians are as fine types as I have ever seen""Between Montana and Mexico unquestionably there are spots as beautiful as Taos . . . . But to each one of the little group who, a few years ago, organized the Taos Society of Artiststhere was no other place which lent to them so enduring an appeal - remote from commercialism and the sordid, restful in its peaceful isolation, quiet along its crooked valley, in the soft shadows of the adobe walls."

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Ada watching Buck
Ada watching Buck Dunton

Dunton Quotes

"Between Montana and Mexico unquestionably there are spots as beautiful as Taos . . . .

But to each one of the little group who, a few years ago, organized the Taos Society of Artists

there was no other place which lent to them so enduring an appeal."

Buck Dunton on Horseback
Buck Dunton on Horseback

He continued, "The West has passed - more's the pity. In another 25 years the old-time westerner will have gone too -

gone with the buffalo and the antelope. I'm going to hand down to posterity a bit of the unadulterated real thing..."

Buck Dunton in Taos
Buck Dunton in Taos

He said about Taos, "This is the ideal place for me because there are more varieties of atmosphere than I have found in any other place. . . .

There are several varieties of sage and cactus for backgrounds, according to the elevation that you choose.

The Taos Indians are as fine types as I have ever seen

and if one wants to paint a Mexican picture he can get a background almost anywhere near Taos"

Dunton Painting in Taos
Dunton Painting his wife Ada in Taos
Herbert Dunton painting at Taos, NM
Herbert Dunton painting at Taos, NM
WH Dunton
W. Herbert Dunton painting at Taosby Edward Kemp ca1925
William Herbert Dunton

William Herbert Dunton

He was an illustrator, printmaker, lithographer,

graphic designer, mixed media and mosaic and fresco and paint muralist, and easel painter.

Herbert Duntons' media included oil paints, fresco, lithography, mosaic, pen and inks, graphite pencils, watercolors, gouache, and charcoal.

The subjects of William H Dunton art works included the human figure, portraits, portraits, self portraits, Native American Indians, Cowboys,

North American Pioneers, Horses, mammals, animals, wildlife, wild animals, floral landscapes, mountain views and mountainscapes.

Some of the places he lived and worked include Boston Before 1900, the Pacific Northwest Before 1900, Texas Before 1940,

Taos and New Mexico Before 1940, Arizona Before 1945, Mexico and Central America.

WH Duntons' teachers included Ernest Blumenschein, Frank Vincent DuMond and Joseph DeCamp and Robert Henri.

His schools included The Cowles School at Boston and the The Art Students League in in New York.

W H Dunton

W H Dunton

Dunton studied and taught art at

Academy de la Grand Chaumiere, Student

Chicago Academy of Fine Art, Teacher

Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, Student

Palette and Chisel Academy, Chicago

School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Student

He was a founder of The Taos Society of Artists, along with

J. H. Sharp, E. I. Couse, E.L.Blumenschein, Bert Phillips, Walter Ufer, Victor Higgins and Kenneth Adams.

Dunton created illustrations for almost 50 books.

Leon Gaspard was his close friend and teacher, as they both loved the outdoors.

Duntons' art works were collected by Douglas Fairbanks, Franklin Roosevelt, and H.J. Lutcher Stark.

He born August 28, 1878 in Augusta, Maine.

He worked on a ranch in his youth.

His grandfather took him to the outofdoors, instructing him in hunting and fishing.

By age 12, Dunton was selling drawings to newspapers and to the Boston Sunday Globe.

At 14 years old, Dunton was writing and illustrating for Recreation, the sportsman's magazine.

At 16 he quit school to work as a professional illustrator selling to Harper's Weekly, Collier's,

Woman's Home Companion, Scribner's, Cosmopolitan and others.

He illustrated many Zane Grey novels.

In 1896 at age 18, Herbert Dunton went to Montana and drew big game animals.

He traveled west every summer for 15 years to create sketches and gather subject matter for his paintings,

visiting Wyoming, Colorado, Oregon, New Mexico, Montana, and Mexico.

He labored as a ranch hand.

He attended Cowles Art School in Boston in 1897.

By his twenties he was already a leading illustrator.

He studied with Andreas M. Andersen, William L. Taylor, and Joseph Rodefer DeCamp and EL Blumenschein.

He was married in 1900, to Nellie Hartley, who gave him two children.

He moved to New York in 1903.

In 1908 he was elected to the Salmagundi Club.

In 1912 he studied at the Art Students League under Frederick C. Yohn, Frank V. DuMond,

Joseph de Camp and Ernest Blumenschein, who invited him to Taos.

Dunton's teachers included Robert Henri.

He was a member of the Salmagundi Club and John D. Rockefeller, Teddy Roosevelt, and Douglas Fairbanks were his clients.

The Taos Society of Artists

In 1912, invited by Ernest Blumenschein (his teacher at the Art Student's League), he began spending summers in Taos,

started a studio and then moved there permanently in 1921.

He was the second artist after Bert Geer Phillips to take up full time Taos residency.

In Taos, Dunton illustrated for Harper's and Scribner's.

He created Zane Grey book covers.

He created lithographs of animals.

In 1913 he painted Frank Riley, Puma County Arizona sheriff.

In 1915 he became, along with Blumenschein, Sharp, Couse, Phillips, and Berninghaus,

one of the founders of the Taos Society of Artists.

In 1921 he painted the portrait of Ben Lily, as commissioned by W.H. McFadden, and exhibited at the National Academy of Design.

In 1922 he penned "Painters of Taos" for the American Magazine of Art. He taught the advantages of light, color, and Indian Life and Western Life.

He helped found the Taos Society of Artists, to aid in painting sales.

In 1922 he resigned from the Taos Society of Artists, perhaps discouraged by demeaning comments by Ufer about Blumenschein,

although he continued to work with the group.

In 1923 he painted three murals for the Missouri State Capitol.

During the depression, he created portraits and lithographs of animals, to sell inexpensive art works.

In 1928 his health began to deteriorate, with continuing ulcers as a result of a horse accident.

In 1935 he was found to have prostrate cancer.

Buck Dunton died in Taos March 18, 1936, at the age of 57.

Bert Phillips, W. Herbert Dunton, Joseph Henry Sharp, Oscar E. Berninghaus, E. Irving Couse, Ernest L. Blumenshein At Couse home
William Dunton

W. Herbert Dunton Awards

Benjamin Altman Prize, National Academy of Design

Frank Logan Prize, Art Institute of Chicago

Dunton Signature Examples

Dunton sometimes added "Taos" or "New Mexico" to his signature. Other times he was proud to sign as "Dunton of Taos".

Authentic signatures are only a part of certifying Traditional Fine Art.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Dunton Highest Auction Prices

"TEXAS OF OLD" Price: $881,000

"The Bob Cat Hunter" Price $662,500

Parsons Art



"Glorietta" Price: $497,000


"Autumn (Mule Deer)" Price: $470,000


"MULE DEER BUCK AND DOE" Price: $402,500


"Roping a Wolf (Roping a Lobo)" Price: $402,500


"Busting a Broncho" Price: $384,500


"The Pursuers" Price: $379,700


"Watering the Horses" Price: $345,000


"Across the Intervening Desert the Eyes of the Two Men Met in Grim Defiance" Price: $338,500


"The Horse Rustler" Price: $330,750


"The Vidette--Custer Trooper" Price: $326,500


"Cowboys Lassoing Wolf" 26.50" x 39.50" Oil / Canvas Price: $291,200


"Summer Silhouette" 14.00" x 14.00" Oil / Canvas Price: $286,800


"In the Tetons" 14.13" x 14.13" Oil / Canvas Price: $286,800


"The Trail Boss (Settlers and Seeds - Civilization's Forerunners)" 36.00" x 24.00" Oil / Canvas Price: $276,000


"The Buffalo Signal" 34.00" x 51.00" Oil / Canvas Price: $264,000


"The Cowpuncher" 16.00" x 12.00" Oil / Canvas Price: $263,250


"FISHERMAN IN A STREAM" 20.25" x 11.25" Oil / Canvas Price: $258,750


The Trail Boss (Settlers and Seeds - Civilization's Forerunners) Price: $234,000

Mexican Vaqueros Roping Brown Bears Price: $250,000

Michaan’s Auctions

"ON THE OLD PLAINS" 16.00" x 20.00" Oil / Canvas Price: $230,500


"Going In, The Bear Hunters" 39.25" x 26.25" Oil / Canvas Price: $221,000

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WH Dunton Paintings


"The Bob Cat Hunter"




"Roping a Wolf (Roping a Lobo)"

"The Horse Rustler" ca. 1915

"A Lazy Day in Camp" Circa 1916, Oil on Canvas Board, 8" x 10"

"The End of the Day" Circa 1915, Oil on Canvas Board, 12" x 16"

"Delivering the Mail" Circa 1912-15, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 25"

"Pueblo Girl" Lithograph c.1931 14 " x 10.75 "

"Bronco Buster No 9 - Cattle Land Series" circa 1931 16 " x 11"

"Heart of the Wilderness: Elk" c.1933 14.5 " x 10.75"

"The Glance" Oil on Canvas circa 1907 28.75 " x 19"

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"The Mountain Mother, Black Bear and Cubs" lithograph 12 x 10 in.


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