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Robert Farrington Elwell (1874-1962)
SOLD"Big Trouble""No place for a mollycoddle"Oil on canvas, 26.25" x 20"

Robert Farrington Elwell was born in Boston, Massachusetts on August 24, 1874.

He died in Phoenix, AZ, on October 1, 1962 at the age of eighty-eight.

Robert Elwell

Robert Elwell

Robert  Farrington  Elwell

Robert Farrington Elwell

Robert Elwell Highest Auction Prices:

"Indian in a Canoe"

"Indian in a Canoe" Price: $43,880

"Big Trouble"

"Big Trouble" Price: $19,550

"The Dying Day, 1927"

"The Dying Day, 1927" Price: $19,200

"No Time for Breakfast"

"No Time for Breakfast" Price: $14,040


"WAPITI RANGE, WYOMING" Price: $13,200

"Looking West"

"Looking West" Price: $12,650

"The Link that Closed the Gap between East and West"

"The Link that Closed the Gap between East and West" Price: $12,100

"Trail Drive"

"Trail Drive" Price: $11,200

"Attack in the Hills"

"Attack in the Hills" Price: $11,160

Robert Farrington Elwell Museum Collections/ Exhibitions:

Harmsen Western Art Collection

Walter Bimson Western Art Collection

Charles Russell Art Show

Buffalo Bill Center of the West

Desert Caballeros Western Museum

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Woolaroc Museum

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