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Henry Francois Farny (1847 – 1916)

SOLD"Encampment Winter of 1899"7.5" x 5 7/16", Gouache on paper
SOLDStudy Framed
SOLDStudy Framed

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Henry Francois Farny (1847 – 1916)

by Robert Parsons

and Ashley Rolshoven

Farny was famous for his illustrations and paintings of Native life. He was adopted by the Sioux tribe who gave him the name of “Long Boots” and the symbol of a circle enclosing a dot, which you can see alongside his signature on the top buffalo painting.

Farny, said:

"The plains, the buttes, the whole country and its people are fuller of material for the artist than any country in Europe."

Henry Farny on right

Henry Farny on right

Henry Francois Farny Highest Auction Prices

"In Pastures New" Price: $1,426,500

"Through the Pass, Winter" Price: $1,212,500

"Cornered" Price: $1,160,000

"His Favorite Wife" Price: $1,105,000

"Summoned by the War Chief" Price: $917,500

"A Moment of Suspense" Price: $889,500

"Indians" Price: $827,500

"Morning of a New Day" Price: $748,500

"Sign of Peace" Price: $662,500

"Danger" Price: $629,500

"Indians" Price: $508,500

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Farny was born July 15, 1847 in Ribeauville, Alsace, France.

In 1853 Farny's family emigrated to the United States of America,

settling in western Pennsylvania at the headwaters of the Allegheny River.

In 1859 they moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where Farny studied produced lithography of the Civil War.

In 1865, Farny sold illustrations to Harper's Weekly.

In 1867 he resided briefly in New York City producing illustrations on commission for Harper's Weekly.

From 1867 to 1870 he studied in Europe with Albert Bierstadt at the Dhsseldorf Academy.

In 1873, he went back to Europe, and showed a 90-foot long cartoon at the Vienna Exposition

which he made for the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.

In 1878 he ventured on a thousand-mile canoe trip on the Missouri River.

In 1883, he traveled to Montana and he met Sitting Bull.

In 1884 Farny traveled again to Montana.

From 1885 to 1900 Farny lived in California.

In 1889 Farny won a medal at the Paris exhibition of 1889 for an Indian portrait.

From 1890 on Farny worked on on easel painting.

in 1894 he went to Fort Sill, Oklahoma Territory, producing a portrait of Geronimo, which the Indian chief signed.

In 1906 he married Ann Ray.

Farny died in Cincinnati on Dec. 23, 1916.

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