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Parsons buys and sells Fine Art and exhibits important paintings from the Taos Society of Artists, Taos Founders, Early Santa Fe and Taos Art Colonies as well as Nineteenth Century Navajo weavings and Pueblo Pottery.

Housed in the historic Ferdinand Maxwell house, this unique collection features art from the early to mid twentieth century with a focus on the New Mexico images made famous by these early artists. Navajo Weavings from the Classic through the Transitional periods are displayed with the paintings to create an atmosphere evoking the early Southwest experience.

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For more information or any questions contact us at: parsons@parsonsart.com

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by Robert Parsons

and Ashley Rolshoven

131 BENT STREET • TAOS, NEW MEXICO 875711-575-751-0159 • FAX 1-575-758-8698
Email: parsons@parsonsart.com