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SOLD"Santo Domingo Corn Dance"24" x 48"
SOLD"Practice for the Relay Race"30" x 30"
"Pueblo Man"
SOLD"Taos Pueblo Man"16" x 12"
"Leaning into the Wind"
SOLD"Leaning into the Wind"
“Walking Beauties”
SOLD“Walking Beauties” 11 ½” x 15”
"Indian Race Meeting the Winner"
SOLD"Indian Race Meeting the Winner" study8" x 8"
SOLD"Red Willow Taos Pueblo People"
SOLD“Moonlit Ride”
"Leaving from the Rabbit Hunt"
SOLD"Leaving from the Rabbit Hunt"
"Deer Dance"
SOLD"Deer Dance"
"Watching the Rabbit Hunt"
SOLD"Watching the Rabbit Hunt"
"Navajo Women"
SOLD"Navajo Women"
"Pueblo Family"
SOLD"Pueblo Family"
"Indian Angels"
SOLD"Indian Angels"
"Watching the Dance"
SOLD"Watching the Dance"
"Peyote Dream"
SOLD"Peyote Dream"
"A New Arrival"
SOLD"A New Arrival"
"Navajo Women"
SOLD"Navajo Women"
"Taos Indian"
SOLD"Taos Indian"
"Millicent Rogers"
SOLD"Millicent Rogers"
"Dandelion Madonna"
SOLD"Dandelion Madonna"
"Taos Pueblo Ladder Climber"
SOLD"Taos Pueblo Ladder Climber"8" x 8"

"Women's Dance"
SOLD"Women's Dance"

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written by Robert Parsons

and Ashley Rolshoven

Dorothy Eugenie Brett (1883-1977)

Dorothy Brett

Dorothy Brett

Brett said of Taos, “I had lived under the brilliant western sky all summer, but I had never experienced such brilliance."

Dorothy Brett was so close to Mabel Dodge Luhan and Frieda Lawrence that they were known in Taos as the "Three Fates."

Dorothy Eugenie Brett Highest Auction Prices

"Shrouded Figures Under a full moon" Sales Price: $18,000

"Indian Race Meeting-The Winner" Price: $14,950

"Untitled (Indian Ceremonial Race)" Price: $14,000

"The Dancer" Price: $13,579

"Indian Couple with Papoose" Price: $11,012

"Indian Woman Smoking" Price: $10,960

"Hidden Lake" Price: $9,390

"Winds of Spring" Price: $9,200

"Spirit Rider" Price: $8,400

"Playing Children, Taos" Price: $6,000

"The Deer Procession" Price: $5,950

"Women in Robes and Children Dancing" Price: $5,700

"Portrait of Woman" Price: $5,228

"The Deer Hunters" Price: $5,000

"Women at Pueblo" Price: $4,935

"Dawn Call" Price: $4,800

Fine Art prices have risen steadily. Please contact the Gallery for the latest prices and current inventory.

Parsons does not offer Dorothy Eugenie Brett reproductions, because no reproduction can compare to the real paintings.

Parsons invites you to visit the Galleries to experience the unmatched beauty of the real art.


Dorothy Brett Museum Art Collections include:

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Massacre in the Canyon of Death: Vision of the Sun God

Ceremonial Indian Dance: The Matachinas

D. H. Lawrence

Dorothy Brett Paintings include:

“First Born”

“Taos Indians”

“Leopold Stokowski”

“The Buffalo Dance”

“The Turtle Dance”

"Ceremonial Indian Dance: The Matachinas"

"D. H. Lawrence"

"Massacre in the Canyon of Death: Vision of the Sun God"


“Millicent Rogers”


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