Mary Dolph Wood

“Delicious”8” x 10” oil on linen panel
“Cosmos and Pansies”16” x 12” oil on linen panel
“Fragrances”12” x 10” oil on linen panel
“Three-some”8” x 10” oil on canvas panel
“Plums and Pear”9” x 12” oil on linen panel
“Sunflower Chorus”28” x 18” oil on linen
“Bowl of Pears”20” x 14” oil on linen
“Peonies and Watermelon”23” x 23”oil on linen
"Bouquet in Teapot"
"Bouquet in Teapot"11" x 14"oil on linen
“Apple Blossoms in Pewter”12” x 18” oil on linen
“Mums”12" x 16 oil on linen
“Peony Portrait”24” x 18” oil on linen 
“Lilies in Black Vase”24” x 18” oil on linen
“Indian Pottery and Corn”26” x 28” oil on linen
"Peaches and Apple Blossoms"
"Peaches and Apple Blossoms"18" x 18"oil on canvas
"White Orchids"
"White Orchids"17" x 11" oil on linen
“Ginger Jar and Fruit”15” x 10” oil on linen
“Still Life with Zinnias"14” x 12”oil on linen
“Assorted Gladiolas”28” x 22” oil on linen
“For the Love of It”12” x 10” oil on panel
"Arrangement with Geraniums"
"Arrangement with Geraniums"14" x 11"  oil on linen
"Tuesday Afternoon"22" x 20" Oil on Linen
"Zinnias and Chinese Vase"18" x 15" Oil on linen
“Onions and Indian Corn”11” x 14” oil on linen
Geisha Doll20" x  16" oil on canvas
“Zinnias in Pottery on Indian Rug”20” x 16” oil on linen
“Garden Flowers”14” x 12” oil on panel
“Pears and Assorted Flowers”12” x 9” oil on panel
"Pottery"14" x 11" Oil on panel
"Lilacs and Apple Blossoms"
"Lilacs and Apple Blossoms"24" x 20" oil on panel 
"Still Life With Black Vessel"
"Still Life With Black Vessel"24" x 20" oil on panel
"Summer Blues"24” x 18” oil on linen
"Pansies in Pink Cup"10" x 8" oil on linen
“Bouquet with Assorted Flowers”10” x 10”Oil on panel
"Summer Pears"10” x 10” oil on canvas
"English Roses"14” x 12” oil linen
“Sativa with Pueblo Necklace”20" x 20" oil on linen
“Summer Melody”30” x 26” oil on linen
"Arrangement with Roses and Tulips”
Arrangement with Roses and Tulips”24” x 18” oil on linen
"Morning Melodies"16" x 24" oil on linen
"Demitasse with Pansies"8" x 10" Oil on panel
“For the Love of it”
“For the Love of it” Oil on canvas, 16” x 12” 
"Floral with Brass and oranges"
"Floral with Brass and oranges" 
"Girl from Taos Pueblo"
"Girl from Taos Pueblo"8" x 10"
“Floral Ginger Jar and Dogwood”
“Floral Ginger Jar and Dogwood”  14" x 10" oil on linen
SOLD“Pink Rose Bouquet”11” x 15” oil on linen
SOLD“Delicate Treasures”10” x 10” oil on linen panel
SOLD“Apples with Asian Vase”14” x 11” oil on linen
SOLD"Zinnias in Turkish Pottery"28" x 26"
SOLD“Love of Pansies”8” x 10” oil on canvas panel
SOLD“Bouquet with Assorted Flowers”10” x 10” oil on panel
SOLD“Peonies and Chinese Vase”16” x 16” oil on canvas
SOLD"Summer Bouquet"16“ x 12“ oil on panel
SOLD“Bouquet of Peonies”28” x 26” oil on linen 
SOLD“Onions and Gladiolas”30” x 20” oil on linen
SOLD“Blue Vase”10” x 8” oil on panel
SOLD“Sunflowers in Blue and White Vase”14” x 11” oil
SOLD“Pear Study”10” x 8” oil
“Southwest Pottery”
SOLD“Southwest Pottery” Oil on canvas, 10” x 10” 
SOLD“Celebrating New Mexico”40” x 40” oil
SOLD“White Roses, Pink Cup”10” x 10” oil on linen
SOLD“Chiles and Onions”16” x 14” oil on linen
“Autumn Bouquet”
SOLD“Autumn Bouquet” Oil on canvas, 16” x 12”
"Arrangement with Roses and Pansies"
SOLD"Arrangement with Roses and Pansies"14" x 11" oil on linen
SOLD“Red Gladiolas”20” x 16” oil on canvas
SOLD“Petite Bouquet”8” x 6” oil on canvas

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