Call us at 1-575-751-0159Higgins said he loved Taos because, "There is in the mind of every member of the Taos Art Colony, the knowledge that Here is the oldest of American civilizations." - Victor Higgins (1884 - 1949)
SOLD "Autumn Reflection"
SOLD "Pinyon Hills" Oil on canvas, 25" x 30" 1924-1927
"Taos Canyon"
SOLD "Taos Canyon"
SOLD"On the Way Home" Oil17 7/8" x 13 7/8"
SOLD "Flowers"
SOLD "Pinyon Hills"
SOLD"Santa Barbra"
SOLD "Widower"
SOLD "Flowers and Ferns" Oil on canvas, 25" x 17"
SOLD "Valdez"
"Taos in Winter"
SOLD "Ruins"
"Rio Grande"watercolor
"Taos Landscape"
"Pueblo Woman"
"Courtyard in Desert"
SOLD "Afternoon Shadows"
"Yellow Rock Green Mountains"
SOLD "Yellow Rock Green Mountains"

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Victor Higgins (1884 - 1949)

written by +Robert Parsons

and Ashley Rolshoven

Victor Higgins Art Biography:

Victor Higgins in his Taos Studio

Victor Higgins in his Taos Studio

Higgins said Taos captured him "because of the light. There is the best light to be found anywhere. There is more color in the landscape and the people than elsewhere. And besides this there is the constant call here to create something." Higgins said of Taos, "There is in the mind of every member of the Taos Art Colony, the knowledge that Here is the oldest of American civilizations. The Taos Indians are a people living in an absolutely natural state, entirely independent of all the world. If the rest of humanity were wiped from the earth, they would go ahead just as they are today: self-supporting, self-reliant, simple and competent. Their architecture is the only naturally American architecture in the nation today. All other styles are borrowed from Europe.The manners and customs and style of architecture are the same today that they were before Christ was born.

They offer the painter a subject as full of the fundamental qualities of life as did the Holy Land."

Victor Higgins and Governor Lujan at Taos Pueblo

Victor Higgins and Governor Lujan at Taos Pueblo

"The trouble with most people is that they see too much with the eye only and not enough with the inner eye, the emotions,"

he said in 1932. "A painter paints a canvas not because he wants to make a 'picture' as that he wants to solve a problem.

A problem in form, in construction, design if you prefer that term, in color harmonies."

Victor Higgins in Taos Studio

Victor Higgins in Taos Studio

About Higgins "Little Gems" Blumenschein said, "This last group of pictures I shall never forget.

In them was the best Higgins quality, a lyrical charm added to his lovely color...

He always had, as do most good artists, an instinct that guided his form structure...

And he put all he had into this dozen of small canvases...

All works of love: love of his simple subjects and of his craftsmanship."

Victor Higgins painting in Taos

Victor Higgins painting in Taos

Higgins' daughter Joan came from his marriage to Sara Parsons, daughter of Sheldon Parsons.

Sara said of the day before Higgins proposed, "I am positive I was the first child of thirteen to cook him

a five-course Thanksgiving dinner on a two-burner oil stove that smoked and sputtered

in a small adobe room overlooking pinon dotted foothills and the handsome snow-capped peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Range."

Victor was proud of his family and his rural upbringing.

He said, "The nearest thing to art was my father's love of flowers. He loved their forms and their colors,

and he tended his garden as a painter might work a canvas."

Victor Higgins Signature Examples

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Victor Higgins Highest Auction Prices

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"Going Home" 24" x 27" Oil / Board Price: $773,000

"CANYON DRIVE, SANTA FE" 24.20" x 27.50" Oil / Canvas Price: $769,000

"Ruth" 27" x 30" Oil / Canvas Price: $650,000


"RUG PATTERN (STILL LIFE WITH ZINNIAS)" 54.25" x 60.25" Oil / Canvas Price: $497,000


"The White Gate" Price: 18.13" x 20.25" Oil / Canvas $461,000

"Pablita's Gate or Sisters" 20" x 24" Oil / Canvas Price: $448,000


"Pink and Black" 40" x 40" Oil / Canvas Price: $414,400


"Four Shawled Women" 18" x 20" Oil / Canvas Price: $411,200

"The Wampum Traders" 29" x 29" Oil / Canvas Price: $386,500

"Taos in Winter" 30" x 36" Oil / Canvas Price: $315,000


"The Red Door" 20.00" x 24.00" Oil / Canvas Price $304,200


"Mountain Forms III" 24.00" x 27.00" Oil / Canvas Price $300,000


"MOUNTAIN VILLAGE" 26.00" x 32.00" Oil / Canvas Price: $287,500

"Red Mountains" 19.00" x 27.00" Oil / Canvas Price: $230,000

"THE GREEN PICKET FENCE" 19.25" x 24.25" Oil / Canvas Price: $218,500

"Aspens" 30.00" x 30.00" Oil / Canvas Price: $212,800

"Woman gathering water in the placita" 16" x 20" Oil / Canvas Price: $209,000


"A Pink Shawl" Price: $202,300


"Taos, New Mexico" 14.00" x 17.75" Oil / Panel Price: $192,000

"Still Life (Coreopsis)" 24.00" x 27.00" Oil / Canvas Price: $190,000

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Victor Higgins Timeline:

Victor Higgins media include Conte Crayon, Crayon, Oil Paint and Watercolors.

His art works combine Impressionism, Modernism (Partially Abstract),

Representation, Realist, Naturalism and Realism.

The subjects of Victor Higgins paintings include Adobe Structures and Pueblos, Portraits, Native American Indians,

Snowscapes and Winterscapes, Indian Figure Prior to 1940, Human Figure, Landscapes,

Still Lifes, and Cattle or Other Farm Animals in Landscapes.

Higgins lived or worked in California Before 1940, New Mexico Before 1940,

Taos, New Mexico Before 1940, Santa Fe, New Mexico Before 1940 and Cornwall, England.

Higgins was born in Shelbyville, Indianapolis, on June 28, 1884.

He moved to Chicago in 1899.

William Victor Higgins studied at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1899.

In 1908 he traveled to New York.

He went to California in 1910, then returned to New York.

Later in 1910 Victor Higgins traveled to Paris and Munich to study art.

He returned to America in 1912.

In 1913, he returned to Chicago.

From 1910 to 1914 Victor Higgins studied at the Academie de la Grande Chaumier in Paris.

In 1914, Higgins went to Taos to paint landscapes on commission.

In 1915 he was elected into the Taos Society of Artists.

In 1918 he won the First Logan Prize at the Art Institute of Chicago

and the First Altman Prize at the National Academy of Design, New York for his work "Fiesta Day".

From 1917-1923 he was a teacher at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1919, Higgins made murals for the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri.

He was elected to the National Academy in 1921.

Victor Higgins exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art's second exhibition in 1929.

In 1935 Higgins was elected as an Academician of the National Academy of Design.

He died in Taos, New Mexico, Aug. 23, 1949.


Victor Higgins Art Works include:

"Abiquiu Country"

"A Shrine to St. Anthony"

"Aspen Grove"


"At the River's Edge"

"Baking Bread, Taos"

"Fiesta Day"

"Floral Still Life"

"Four Shawled Women"

"House on the Hill"

"Indian at Stream"

"Juanito, the Suspicious Cat"

"Moorland Gorse and Bracken"

"Moorland Piper"

"Mountain Landscape, NM"

"New Mexico Sky"

"On the Quay"

"Pablita's Gate" or "Sisters"

"Pink and Black"

"Pueblo of Taos"

"Talpa Landscape"

"Taos from the Hillside"

"Taos in Winter"

"Taos, New Mexico"

"Taos Street in Winter"

"The Blue Shawl"

"Valley Town: View of Pueblo Town"

"Walking Rain (Pablita Passes)"

"Women of Taos"

"Winter Funeral"

"Indian Nude"

"Thinning Aspen"

"The Cottonwoods"

Victor Higgins Museum Collections include:

Albuquerque Museum

Anschutz Collection

Art Institute of Chicago

Butler Institute of American Art

Chicago Union League Club

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Dallas Museum of Art

Denver Art Museum

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians-Western Art

Harmsen Western Art Collection

Jonson Gallery of University of New Mexico

Museum of The Southwest

New Mexico Museum of Art

New Jersey State Museum

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

Phoenix Art Museum

Richmond Art Museum

Rockford Art Museum

Sangre De Cristo Arts Center

Snite Museum of Art

Stark Museum of Art

Santa Fe Railway

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

The Harwood Museum of Art

The University of Michigan Museum of Art

Union League Club of Chicago

William Foxley Collection-Western

Victor Higgins Awards include:

The Gold medal of the Palette and Chisel Club of Chicago (1914)

The Chicago Municipal Art League Prize (1915)

The first Logan Medal of the Chicago Art Institute (1918)

The first Altman prizes at the National Academy of Design (1918, 1927, 1932)

Academician of the National Academy of Design in New York in 1935

Trustee of the Harwood Foundation in Taos.

Victor Higgins Paintings Online include:

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"Oka and Walmacho" 1915 oil on canvas 27 1/16 in. x 30 1/16 in.

"Taos Street in Winter"

"Floral Still Life"

"Indian Paint Brush"

"Untitled (Dog and Fence)"

"Walking Rain (Pablita Passes)"

New Mexico Museum of Art

"Aspen Trees"

The Athenaeum

"Spring Rains"

Art Institute of Chicago

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