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LaVerne Nelson Black (1887-1938)
"Indian Wagon Train"Oil on canvas, 8 3/4" x 11 3/4"
SOLD "Bronco Busting"20" x 16", Oil on board

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LaVerne Nelson Black (1887-1938)

by Robert Parsons

and Ashley Rolshoven

Blacks works are rare and highly sought after.

He moved to Taos in 1925, where many think his best works were produced.

He mixed both Impressionist and Modernist techniques.

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"Fiesta Time at Taos" Sales Price: $531,200


"Gathering for the Chief" Price: $175,500


"Christmas Gathering" Price: $175,000

encore editions

"Night Out in Taos (Taos Indian Night Watch)" Price: $143,400

"Taos Winter Morning" Price: $120,000


"A Festive Indian Encampment" Price: $115,000


"Taos-Winter Plaza" Price: $102,000


"Taos Pueblo" (No.23) Price: $100,000


"Watching the big event" Price: $100,000


"The Old Apache Trail" Price: $95,200

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LaVerne Nelson Black Timeline:

LaVerne Nelson Black

American Artist

He was born in 1887 in Viola, Wisconsin, in the Kickapoo River Valley, an geographical area with major Indian influence.

Beginning as a youth, Laverne played with the children of the local Indian reservation.

From his boyhood on, Laverne drew and painted, mixing his own paints from vegetable extracts, earth, clay and red keel, a soft stone used ceremonially by the Kickapoo Indians.

In 1906, when Laverne was 19, his parents sold their restaurant and hotel businesses and relocated to Chicago.

From 1906 to 1908, Laverne studied sculpture, painting and illustration at the Chicago Academy of Art. His outstanding work was recognized with a scholarship for his second year.

He created illustrations for the Minneapolis and Chicago newspapers. He traveled to the American West during his summers to paint and sketch American Indians. His bronze sculptures were sold by Tiffany's. They were the first so honored by Tiffany's since the times of Fredrick Remington.

In 1925, as heath worsened, Black with his wife and two children traveled to Taos, New Mexico, in search of a drier and healthier climate.

Influenced by his Taos Society of Artists friends, Oscar E. Berninghaus and W. A. "Buck" Dunton, Black's artistic style changed. He began to use vibrant, living colors in his masterful Western landscapes.

Laverne Black's media include Bronze, Fresco, Gouache, Mixed-Media, Oil Paints and Watercolors.

In 1937, because of the Depression and his health needs for a warmer climate, Black relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, where he found employment with the Public Works Administration. He and Oscar Berninghaus created four murals for the United States Post Office in Phoenix. His murals showed the historical progress of Phoenix.

He also produced commissions for the Santa Fe Railway Company. The Company was proud to display his works at their largest offices.

But his health continued to decline, perhaps from lead poisoning from his work.

He died in Chicago, Illinois. in 1938.

LaVerne Nelson Black Museum Collections include:

American Museum of Western Art - the Anschutz Collection - Denver

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

Harmsen Western Art Collection

Phoenix Art Museum

Roswell Museum and Art Center

Santa Fe Railroad

Smithsonian American Art Museum

Stark Museum of Art

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

Walter Bimson Western Art Collection

Woolaroc Museum


LaVerne Nelson Black paintings include:

"The Deer Hunters"

"Taos Indian Night Watch" Oil on Canvas Board, 16" x 20"

“Buffalo Hunt”

“Gathering for the Rabbit Hunt”

“Fiesta Time at Taos”

“Pueblo Maiden”

“Taos - Winter Plaza”

"Apache Hunting Party"

"Along The Old Trail"

"Apache Festival a.k.a. Gathering for the Fiesta at Taos"

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