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Sheldon Orrin Parsons (1866-1943)

“New Mexico Landscape”30” x 40” Oil on Canvas
“Morning at Chupadero”26” x 34” Oil on Canvas
“Landscape in New Mexico”9” x 12” Oil on canvas
“Adobe with Chamisa”5” x 7.5” Oil on canvas
"Chamisa and Adobes - Taos"
SOLD "Chamisa and Adobes - Taos"16" x 20", Oil on board
"Rio de Santa Fe"
SOLD "Rio de Santa Fe"
"Hillside Avenue"
"Hillside Avenue"9" x 12"
"Adobe Compound"
"Adobe Compound"16" x 20"
"Stormy Day"
SOLD"Stormy Day"16" x 20"
"Autumn River"
SOLD"Autumn River"
"A Bit of Santa Fe"
SOLD"A Bit of Santa Fe"
"Autumn Santa Fe"
SOLD"Autumn Santa Fe"36" x 24"
SOLD"Autumn Aspens" 36" x 24"
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Sheldon Orrin Parsons (1866-1943)

by Robert Parsons

and Ashley Rolshoven

Parsons explained art as the ability, "to create a picture (not merely reconstruct a natural object)

which will possess an intense life over and above its pictorial qualities."

Sara, daughter of Sheldon and Caroline Reed Parsons, married Victor Higgins.


Sheldon Orrin Parsons Highest Auction Prices

"The Santa Fe Has Brought Invaders" Price: $52,800

"Storm Overhead" Price: $49,450

"Cundiyo-New Mexico" Price: $39,200

"Winter Morning, Santa Fe" Price: $30,262

"Pueblo Village" Price: $24,640

"Chimayo" Price: $23,000

"Headwater of the Rio Grande" Price: $22,750

"New Mexico Landscape" Price: $21,850

"Winter in Santa Fe" Price: $21,600

"A Lane in Santa Fe" Price: $21,600

Fine Art prices have risen steadily. Please contact the Gallery for the latest prices and current inventory.

Parsons does not offer Sheldon Parsons reproductions, because no reproduction can compare to the real paintings.

Parsons invites you to visit the Galleries to experience the unmatched beauty of the real art.

Sheldon Parsons paintings include:

“Chamisa and Adobes”

“The Santa Fe Has Brought Invaders”

"Storm Overhead”

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