Spike Ress

“Gateway”14” x 10” oil on board
“Hogan and Corral”15” x 20” oil on board
“South Across Taos Valley”9” x 12” oil on board
“Almost Home”18” x 24” oil on board
“Autumn Afternoon”11” x 14” oil on board
“Placita Chapel”12” x 9” Oil on panel
“Girls Legging Moccasins”18” x 14” watercolor
"Day’s End Under a Cochiti Sky"20” x 30” oil
“Truchas NM II"12” x 18” oil
“Iglasia de Santo Tomas”11” x 14” oil on board
“Taos Morada”14” x 18” Oil on panel
“Summer Sky, Taos Valley”14” x 18” Oil on panel
“Clear Winter Day”12” x 16” oil on board
"Placitas Church"
"Placitas Church"12”x12” Oil on panel
“Pray for Us”22” x 28” watercolor
“Morning Chores”14” x 18” watercolor
“Winter Fields Below Jicarita”14” x 18” oil
“Autumn Near Penasco”
"Autumn Near Penasco”9”x12” Oil on panel
“Welcome Visitors”10” x 12” oil
"Truchas, NM"
"Truchas, NM"12”x16” Oil on panel
Ranchos Church Visitors”11” x 14” oil
“Grazing Under a Summer Sky”12” x 16” watercolor
“Taos Neighborhood”11” x 14” oil
SOLD“Taos Autumn”9” x 12” oil on board
SOLD“View from Suzanne’s”9” x 12” oil on board
“Taos Back Roads”14” x 14” oil on board
“San Antonio Church”
SOLD“San Antonio Church”11”x14” Oil on panel
"Abandoned Homestead"
SOLD“Abandoned Homestead”9”x12” Oil on panel
SOLD“Golondrinas Morada”9” x 9” watercolor
SOLD“Sunset Through the Rain”9” x 9” watercolor
SOLD“Pueblo Land”11” x 14” oil
"Desert Riders"
SOLD"Desert Riders"11” x 14” Watercolor
SOLD“Morning Shadows in Grand Wash”12" x 16"
SOLD“Quiet Morning”17” x 20” oil
"Winter Canyon"
SOLD"Winter Canyon"11” x 14” Watercolor
"Crossing the Valley"
SOLD"Crossing the Valley"12” x 16” Watercolor
SOLD“Chimayo Interior”10” x 13” watercolor
SOLD“Rio Grande From John Dunn Bridge”10” x 12” watercolor/gouache
SOLD“Breaking Storm”14” x 18” Oil on panel
SOLD“Taking the Shortcut”14” x 18” oil
SOLD“Navajo Desert”9” x 9” gouache
SOLD“Rain God Mesa”9” x 9” gouache
SOLD"Autumn Backroads of Taos"9” x 12” oil
SOLD“Summer Shadows”10” x 20” Oil on panel
SOLD“Study For Under A Summer Sky”12”x9” Oil on panel
SOLD“Under a Summer Sky”20” x 16” Oil on panel
SOLD“Desert Layers”12” x 12” oil on board

Spike Ress, known for his striking landscapes, said:  “No matter where I am, I try to respond with direct honesty to what is before me. It is my aim to capture the way a scene feels, not just the way a scene looks.” 

by  Robert Parsons

and   Ashley Rolshoven

131 BENT STREET • TAOS, NEW MEXICO 875711-575-751-0159 •  FAX 1-575-758-8698Email: parsons@parsonsart.com