Click the map above to find usMoyers said,  "I paint what excites me."

John Moyers

"Shadows on the Mountains"
"Shadows on the Mountains" 36" x 24"
"Lance of the Ciboleros"
"Lance of the Ciboleros" 36" x 24"
“Navajo Way”16” x 12”acrylic on panel
"Height of the Season”12” x 16”acrylic on panel
SOLD“Chamisa in Bloom”12” x 12” acrylic on panel
SOLD“A Chill in the Air”12” x 12” acrylic on panel
"Midnight Ceremony"
SOLD"Midnight Ceremony" 30" x 20"
SOLD“The Elk Antler Quirt”16” x 12” oil
SOLD“Taos Trackers”24” x 36” oil on panel
SOLD"The Old Chamisa Trail"22” x 30” oil
SOLD“One of Villas Men”36” x 26” Oil on board
SOLD“Sound of the Drum”40” x 30” oil on panel
"Rio Grande Blanket"
SOLD"Rio Grande Blanket" 36" x 24" 
"Early Winter Sun"
SOLD "Early Winter Sun"36" x 24"
"Distant Rain"
SOLD"Distant Rain"24" x 20"
"Taos Dust"
SOLD "Taos Dust" 30" x 20"
"Warm Night, Cold Fire"
SOLD"Warm Night, Cold Fire"30" x 30"
"Weather Changing"
SOLD "Weather Changing" 36" x 24"
"Taos Winter"
SOLD "Taos Winter" 36" x 24"
"Taos Moon"
SOLD"Taos Moon"36" x 24"
SOLD"Notice on the door, Nombe"24" x 24"
"At the Edge of the Black Hills"
SOLD"At the Edge of the Black Hills" 36" x 24"
John Moyers in Taos

John Moyers in Taos

Moyers said, “We had attended art school where the emphasis was not on traditional academic studies but on painting abstractly.

The time-honored techniques of color and value and working outdoors from life had to be discovered anew.”

 "I paint what excites me. Maybe for two months all I want to do is landscapes, then maybe Native Americans and then Mexican pieces."

"I hope people like what I do. I just try to paint. I try to make the values and colors as true to life as I can."

"The more you paint, the more comfortable you get with the process. Hopefully, I'm improving all the time."

John Moyers Highest Auction Prices

"The Apparition"  Price:     $69,000

"Chinnin' the Moon"    Price:     $68,300

"Vanguard of Victory"    Price:  $68,000

"La Cucaracha"   Price:     $65,300

"El Mariachi"   Price:     $64,400

"Return by Moonlight"   Price:     $61,600

"Windswept"   Price:     $55,300

"The Navajo's Buffalo"    Price:     $55,300

"Pueblo Council"   Price:     $55,200

"Tonight We Ride"   Price:     $50,000

John Moyers Museum Collections

Pearce Collections Museum

Sangre De Cristo Arts Center

Tucson Museum of Art

Western Spirit: Scottsdale's Museum of the West

Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery - Collection

John Moyers awards

The Robert Lougheed Memorial Award at the 2003 Prix de West

The 2017 James R. Parks Trustees’ Purchase Award at the Autry Museum

Parsons does not offer John Moyers reproductions, because they can not compare to the real paintings.

Parsons invites you to visit the Galleries to experience firsthand the unmatched beauty of the real art.

by  Robert Parsons

and   Ashley Rolshoven

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