Dean Porter

"All About Taos"18" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas
"Sunset of Sangre de Cristo Mts"
"Sunset of Sangre de Cristo Mts"15” x 22” watercolor
"Late January"15” x 22” watercolor

"Walter Didn't"22" x 15" watercolor

"Fantastic Tree’s Fechin Property"
"Fantastic Tree’s Fechin Property" 7” x 11” watercolor
"Road to Higgin's Home"11" x 15" watercolor
"Fechin House"11" x 15" watercolor
"The Red Rake"11" x 15" watercolor
"The Old Bridge"11" x 15" watercolor
"Cloud Burst"11" x 15" watercolor
"Spring Tree’s -Coffee House"
"Spring Tree’s -Coffee House"7” x 11” watercolor
"Parsons’ Place Now"11" x 15" watercolor
"Walking Rain"
"Walking Rain"22" x 30"
"Storm Brewing"
"Storm Brewing"15" x 22"
"Road to the Pueblo"
"Road to the Pueblo"15" x 22"
"Out Mabel's Way"
"Out Mabel's Way"15” x 22” watercolor
"Snow Caps"
"Snow Caps"15” x 22” watercolor
Self Portrait in Coffee Garden"
"Self Portrait in Coffee Garden"15" x 22"
"Acoma Pueblo"
"Acoma Pueblo"22" x 30"
"Abiquiu"15" x 22"
"Couse House"
"Couse House"15" x 22"
"The High Road to Taos"
"The High Road to Taos"15" x 22"
"New Mexico Gate"
"New Mexico Gate"15" x 22"
"Bert Phillips Studio"
"Bert Phillips Studio" 15" x 22"
  "Cottonwood and Chamisa"
"Cottonwood and Chamisa" 7” x 11” watercolor
"Dark Shadows"
"Dark Shadows"15" x 22"
"NM Atmosphere"
"NM Atmosphere"11" x 14"
"On the Way to Questa"
"On the Way to Questa" 7” x 11” watercolor
"Diamond K"
SOLD"Diamond K"15" x 22"
"Lockwood's Land"
SOLD"Lockwood's Land"15” x 22” watercolor
"Afternoon in Arroyo Seco"
SOLD"Afternoon in Arroyo Seco"15" x 22"
SOLD"Pueblo Monsoons of the Red Door"15” x 22” watercolor
SOLD"Mountains"7” x 11” watercolor

SOLD“On the Way to the Taos Pueblo”40” x 49” Oil on canvas

"In the Valley"
SOLD"In the Valley"21" x 29"
"Taos Book Shop"
SOLD"Taos Book Shop" 7” x 11” watercolor
SOLD"Calm Before the Storm"11" x 15" watercolor
"The Morada"
SOLD"The Morada"7" x 11"
"Taos Pueblo Halo"
SOLD"Taos Pueblo Halo"7" x 11"
"Acoma Ladders"
SOLD"Acoma Ladders"7” x 11” watercolor
SOLD"Canyon Road Santa Fe"11" x 15" watercolor
"Taos Pueblo 1975"
SOLD"Taos Pueblo 1975"11" x 14"
SOLD"Acoma" 7” x 11” watercolor
SOLD"From My Studio"18" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas

Taos is the only place Dean Porter wanted to paint.

He was honored to work from Ward Lockwood’s studio on the north rim of the Talpa Ridge in Taos, New Mexico.

He has shown at over 40 solo exhibitions.

by Robert Parsons

and Ashley Rolshoven

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122 D Kit Carson Road, Taos New Mexico, 87571

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