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Rebecca Salsbury James (1891-1968)

“Waiting Woman”
SOLD“Waiting Woman”12" x 16" reverse oil on glass
SOLD"Guadalupe"16" x 12", reverse oi

Rebecca Stroud Salsbury James (1891-1968)

by Robert Parsons

and Ashley Rolshoven

“The paintings by Rebecca James are perhaps the most exquisite productions of any Taos artist.” -Mabel Dodge Luhan

James herself said, “A walking woman, a waiting woman, a watching woman, a mourning woman, a devout woman,

adobe, cedar posts, old dry wood, the fields of alfalfa, the churches — I love these things.

They have made me paint and I am grateful.”

Rebecca Salsbury James

Rebecca Salsbury James

Rebecca Salsbury James Highest Auction Prices

"FIRE AND AIR" Price: $509,000

"Bowl of Vegetables" Sales Price: $385,600

"White Rose-Pink Vase" Price: $84,000

"THE NEW PICKET FENCE" Price: $74,500

"Shell on the Sand" Price: $35,000

"Shell in Landscape" Price: $14,400

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Rebecca Salsbury James (1891-1968)

In 1891 Rebecca was born in London, England

Her father owned the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, which shaped her childhood.

In 1902 her father died, and she and her mother moved to New York.

In 1922 she was married to photographer Paul Strand, who tookt her to Alfred Stieglitz.

In the 1920's James taught herself to paint.

In 1926 she and Strand went to Taos for the first time.

She became close and dear friends with her mentor Georgia O'Keeffe.

She was also influenced in her glass paintings by her friend Marsden Hartley and Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.

In 1929 she traveled to Taos with O'Keeffe, spending the summer with Mabel Dodge Luhan.

About Mabel Dodge, James wrote to O'Keeffe, “…you must see her house.

Casual, amusing, a scream, a playhouse, a theater, a church, a harem, a studio, a museum, a yacht, a boudoir.”

At 39 years old her marriage began to sour.

In 1930-32 she went annually to Taos.

In 1933, after divorcing, she moved to Taos permanently.

She resided twice at the Harwood home with O'Keeffe.

In 1933 Rebecca and Strand traveled to Mexico, where they created some of their best art.

In 1937 she returned to Taos, and married Bill James.

In 1940 she started creating colcha embroidery.

In the 1960's, her hands were crippled by arthritis, bringing an end to her productive career.

In 1967 her husband James died and she suffered alone, crippled in pain.

In 1968 she committed suicide with sleeping pills.

She died in Taos, New Mexico

Rebecca Salsbury James' Exhibitions include:

An American Place, Stieglitz's gallery in New York

Colorado Springs Fine Art Center

The Denver Art Museum

The New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe

The New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts

Rebecca Salsbury James' Museum Collections include:

Harvard University Art Museum

Harwood Museum of Art

Museum of International Folk Art

Taos Historic Museums

The New Mexico Museum of Fine Arts


Rebecca Salsbury James’ art works include:

“Song without Words”

“Earth and Water”

“Winter in Taos”

“Bowl of Vegetables”

“White Rose - Pink Vase”

“Gardenias and Roses”

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