Chloé Marie Burk

"Standing Strong"12" x 16" oil on panel
“Talks on Cloudy Morning”11” x 14”  Oil on canvas
"Sage Green"8" x 10" oil on panel
SOLD“Together”16” x 20” oil on linen
SOLD"The Cowboy Way"8" x 10" oil on panel
SOLD“Rain Showers Over the Mountain Range”30” x 40”oil on linen board
SOLD"Hunting His Vision"8" x 10"oil on linen board
SOLD“Hunting for Buffalo”16” x 20” oil on canvas
SOLD“Western Voices”16” x 20” oil on linen board
SOLD“Garments of Many Colors”14” x 11”oil on linen board
SOLD“Steps of the Past”8” x 10”Oil on board
SOLD“Scouting Around the Plains8" x 16" oil on canvas
SOLD"Cowboys on the Run”12” x 24” oil on canvas
SOLD“A Warm Summer Morning”12” x 16”oil on board
SOLD“Women Through Tangerine Sky”16” x 20”Oil on canvas
SOLD"Morning Scouting"12" x 12" oil on canvas
SOLD“The Lone Hunter”16” x 20”Oil on board 
SOLD"Looking for a Stray"9: x 12"oil on canvas
SOLD"Gather Under the Eagle"30" x 40" Oil on canvas
SOLD"Buffalo"18" x 24" oil on board 
“Women in the Sun in New Mexico”
SOLD“Women in the Sun in New Mexico”24" x 18" oil on board
SOLD“Mothers and Daughters”12" x 16" Oil on board
SOLD“Moccasins”7” x 5” oil on canvas
SOLD "Buckskin, Blanket and Sage"8" x 10" oil on board
"Women Riding in a Field of Sage"
SOLD"Women Riding in a Field of Sage"12" x 16"
“Picture of the West”
SOLD“Picture of the West”10" x 8" oil on board
SOLD“Hunter in Serape”12” x 12” oil on board
SOLD"A Sunset Stroll"9" x 12" oil on canvas
SOLD“Strength for Heritage”30” x 40” oil on canvas
SOLD"The Lone Rider"12" x 16" oil
"Taos Pueblo"
SOLD"Taos Pueblo" 11" x 14"
"Loping in the Prairie"
SOLD"Loping in the Prairie"  16" x 20" oil on board
“Montana Scene”
SOLD“Montana Scene”16" x 20" oil on board
"Fall Colors Setting In"
SOLD"Fall Colors Setting In"8" x 10" oil on board
"Sand Dunes"
SOLD"Sand Dunes"11" x 14" oil on board
SOLD"Objects of the Past"8" x 10"
SOLD“Rain Showers on the Trail”24” x 30”
SOLD"Standing Heart"16" x 20"
SOLD8”x10” Oil on panelCommissioned work
SOLD"Bucking Bronco"5” x 5” oil
SOLD"A First Encounter"12” x 12” oil
SOLD“Dusk on Winter Camp”12” x 16” oil on board
"The Riders"
SOLD "The Riders"24” x 36” oil on board
SOLD“Horses on the Loose10” x 10” oil on board
SOLD"By the Teepee"5" x 5"
gaillard prarie trail, 10/2/19, 2:52 PM,  8C, 8892x11784 (0+0), 150%, Repro 2.2 v2,  1/30 s, R96.2, G88.8, B110.4
SOLD“Prairie Trail”30" x 40"
SOLD"The Escape"12’” x 16” oil
"The Move"
SOLD"The Move"8" x 10"
SOLD“Lady in Chamisa”16" x 20"
SOLD"Horizon View"16" x 20" oil
SOLD"Chasse A L'Aube"12” x 16” oil on board
“Sage, Hills and Horses”
SOLD“Sage, Hills and Horses”18" x 24" oil on canvas
“Taos Pueblo Church”
SOLD “Taos Pueblo Church” 12" x 16" oil on board
“Sage and Sun”
SOLD“Sage and Sun”16" x 20" oil on board
SOLD“Two White Ponies”11" x 14" oil on board
“Les Rondez-Vous”
SOLD“Les Rondez-Vous” 16” x 20”
“Deer Hunt”
SOLD“Deer Hunt” 14" x 14" oil on board
"Three Women on Horseback"
SOLD "Three Women on Horseback"10" x 10" oil on board
"Riding Under the Full Moon"
SOLD "Riding Under the Full Moon" 11” x 14” oil on board
"Desert Riders"
SOLD"Desert Riders"   8" x 10"
"Passing Through the Rain"
SOLD "Passing Through the Rain"16" x 20" oil on board 
"Buffalo Hunt II"
SOLD"Buffalo Hunt II"16" x 20" oil on board
SOLD"Gathering"26" x 36"  oil on canvas
“Women in the Sun in New Mexico”
SOLD“Women in the Sun in New Mexico”9" x 12" 
"Men in Hills and Sage"
SOLD "Men in Hills and Sage"10" x 10" oil on board
"Sacred Buffalo Hunt"
SOLD"Sacred Buffalo Hunt"18” x 24” Oil on board
"Mother and Child"
SOLD"Mother and Child"8" x 10"
"Women of Taos Pueblo"
SOLD"Women of Taos Pueblo"12" x 16" oil on board
"Buffalo Hunt"
SOLD"Buffalo Hunt"8" x 10"
SOLD“Trois Amis”8” x 16” oil on linen panel
"Headed West"

SOLD"Headed West"8" x 16" oil on board
“Men and Mountains”
SOLD“Men and Mountains” 
SOLD“On a Rocky Trail”11” x 14” oil on panel
SOLD“Sagebrush Under Crescent Moon”24” x 20” oil on board
SOLD“Lone Rider”8” x 10” oil on board
SOLD"The Hunter"5" x 7" oil on canvas
SOLD“Bluest Sky”8” x 16” oil on linen

French Artist Chloé Marie Burk said about Taos, ”I fell in love with it because it's so similar to my hometown in the mountains.

When I came here, I knew in my heart that's where I was supposed to come.

I don't think I would've been a painter if my grandmother was not a painter.

I followed their steps.

I know that I had to come here.  This is where I met my husband, too.

I know that I'm where I'm supposed to be for sure.

For me, working with this, it has no price ... I'm a mountain person, and for me it's perfect here."

Chloé Marie Gaillard at work

Chloé Marie Burk at work

Chloé Marie Gaillard in Taos, NM

Chloé Marie Burk in Taos, NM

Chloé Marie Burk on her inspirations:

”Native American beadwork, embroidery from all over the world, I used to paint a lot of folk art.

This was a big influence in my life, for my art, for myself, for my research and everything,

and it led me to Western art, so it's really important for me.”

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