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Willard Ayer Nash (1898-1943)
“Buckman Hill”11" x 14" Oil

Nash was born in Philadelphia, PA on March 29, 1898. He studied art with John P. Wicker in Detroit.

He moved to Santa Fe at the age of 22.

In the Fall of 1921 Nash, with his fellow Santa Fe painters Jozef Bakos, Fremont Ellis, Will Shuster and Walter Mruk created “Los Cinco Pintores”.

Nash's brief and promising career was ended by tuberculosis at the age of 44.

Known as the "American Cezanne," Nash was honored by Diego Rivera as "one of the six greatest living American painters."

Nash said, " I always considered myself a Santa Fean, and my deepest hope is to some day pick up where I left off."

In 1936, Nash moved to California.

He taught at Broadmoor Art Academy in Colorado Springs, at San Francisco Art School, and at the Art Center School in Los Angeles.

He died in Albuquerque on Sept. 3, 1942.

Willard Nash Highest Auction Prices

"Santa Fe Landscape" Price: $140,400

"View of Santa Fe" (Landscape) Price: $137,000

"Self Portrait with Pipe" Price: $35,000

"View of Ranchos and Leg Study" Price: $35,000

"Northern New Mexico Village" Price: $33,000

"Santa Fe Landscape" Price: $32,500

"Penitente Procession" 1929 Price: $30,260

"Still Life with Guitar" Price: $27,500


"Santa Fe Vista" Price: $23,900

Willard Ayer Nash Exhibitions:

American Artists Congress, 1936, 1940

Courvoisier Gallery (SF), 1933

Los Angeles Art Association, 1934, 1941

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 1928, 1938

Painters & Sculptors of LA, 1938

Rose Gallery (LA), 1937

San Francisco Art Association, 1931, 1939

Society of Independent Artists

Willard Nash Museum Collections:

Anschutz Collection

Corcoran Gallery and/or Art School, Washington DC

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Dallas Museum of Art

Denver Museum

Jonson Gallery of University of New Mexico

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Museum of Modern Art, New York

New Mexico Museum of Art

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Stark Museum of Art

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

Whitney Museum of American Art

by Robert Parsons

and Ashley Rolshoven

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