Parsons mourns the passing of Julian Robles. In Julian's own words, "The world needs all the encouragement it can get from the visionaries, the dreamers and the impressionists…A painting or drawing should be an enhanced version of reality and not a sharp-edged duplicate of it. It should have a personal touch, the interpretation of an artist's eye, his hand and inspiration."

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Julian Robles

"FLOWER SHOW"20' X 16"

"Little Dancer Santa Clara"
"Little Dancer Santa Clara"19.5” x 12.7”
SOLD"Procession Arroyo Seco"Oil
SOLD"A Bargain on Ledoux St."24" x 30" oil on canvas
SOLD"Navajo Matriarch"16" x 12" Oil
SOLD "Buffalo Dancer - Ohkay Owingeh"Oil
"Buffalo Dancers"
SOLD "Buffalo Dancers"24” x 12”oil on canvas
SOLD“Santa Clara Prayer Dance – 2011”24” x 16” oil on canvas
SOLD“The Old Valdez House – Taos”21” x 30” oil on canvas
SOLD“Leader of the Rabbit Hunt”12" x 16"
"Tesuque Pueblo Lady"
SOLD"Tesuque Pueblo Lady"12" x 16" oil on canvas
SOLD"White Wedding Boots"xxx
“Santa Clara Dancer”
SOLD“Santa Clara Dancer” 48" x 30"
SOLD"Santa Clara Harvest Dancers"48" x 30" oil on canvas
SOLD"Taos Pueblo Girl with Tablita"16"x20"
SOLD"JR-Sunflower Glory"30" x 34"
SOLD"After the Rain"
SOLD "Shiprock" 18" x 24" oil on canvas
SOLD"San Geronimo Feast Day, Taos 1910"
"Ready for the Pow Wow"
SOLD "Ready for the Pow Wow"24” x 12” oil on canvas
SOLD"Taos Mountain"30" x 40"oil on canvas
SOLD"Hosteen Klah, Navajo Medicine Man"16" x 12" oil on canvas
SOLD"Prayer Dancer, Santa Clara"
SOLD"Santa Clara Pueblo Harvest Dance"

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