Leon Gaspard

SOLD"Untitled" 191911" x 16" oil on board
SOLD"Indian Chief"14" x 5"
SOLD“Russian peasant girl”15” x 10” oil on canvas
SOLD"The Fiddler"10 ½ " x 7 ½ " Oil on board
SOLD"El Salto Village"7 x 7 Oil on board
SOLD“Taos Girls”
SOLD"The Apaches"
gaspard/portrait of noula, 8/19/05, 1:58 PM,  8C, 7792x9134 (614+828), 150%, Repro 1.8 v2,  1/40 s, R79.0, G77.2, B102.2
SOLD"Portrait of Noula Kararas"
SOLD"Paris 1922"
SOLD"Indian Man of Taos" 191911" x 9", Oil on board
SOLD"Cossack Officer, Siberia"Oil on panel, 13 1/5" x 9"
SOLD"Taos" Framed

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Leon Gaspard (1882 - 1964)

by Robert Parsons

and Ashley Rolshoven

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"The Finish of the Kermesse" Price: $2,001,000


"MANCHURIAN FOREST" Price: $782,500


"Christmas in Siberia, Troikas in the Snow" Price: $364,000


"RUSSIAN SNOW SCENE" Price: $362,500


"SPRING IN SIBERIA" Price: $317,000


"Russian Christmas" Price: $302,750


"Siberian Christmas" Price: $297,500

"The Finish of the Kermesse" Price: $2,001,000


"Siberian Wedding Scene" Price: $270,000


"Caravan Across the Amur River" Price: $257,600


"Russian Snow Scene" Price: $255,000


"Twining Canyon" Price: $231,000


Leon Gaspard Timeline:

On March 2, 1882 Leon Gaspard was born near Moscow, Russia.

His parents soon recognized his artistic talents.

Traveling with his father on the Siberian Steppes, he made many sketches.

Yehuda Pen, a Jewish-Belarusian artist was his mentor.

His studied art, along with his friend Marc Chagall, under Julius Penn in Vitebsk, Belarus.

He continued his studies in Odessa and at the Academy of Moscow.

He was a student of Ilya Repin at the Art School of Kazan.

Like Fechin, Repin taught him the heavy use of the pallette knife.

At the age of 17, he enrolled in the Julien Academy, working under Edouard Toudouze and William-Adolphe Bouguereau.

He attended Académie Julian for nearly eight years.

At this time his parents died.

He later exhibited at the Paris Salon.

He was also honored with a one man show, arranged by George Petite.

George Petite, a director of Standard Oil sponsored a show of his drawings and purchased 35 of them.

In Paris in 1908, Gaspard met his future wife, Evelyn Adell.

They honeymooned by horseback in Siberia, where he created many drawings.

In 1914, during World War I, his French Aviation Corps plane crashed

and he was severely injured, requiring him to spend two years in a French hospital.

In 1916 he moved to New York.

In 1918 he moved to Taos, partially in search of a drier, healthier climate.

In 1921 he traveled to Japan and Asia.

In 1924 he took up permanent residency in Taos.

Using Taos as his base, he traveled to China, Mongolia, Tibet, Morocco, and Northern Africa.

He died February 21,1964.

Leon Gaspard Museum Collections

Alaska Heritage Museum at Wells Fargo

Art Institute of Chicago

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art

Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art at the University of Oklahoma

Indianapolis Museum of Art,

Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester

New Mexico Museum of Art

Oakland Museum of California

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Phoenix Art Museum

Rockford Art Museum

Smith College Museum of Art

Stark Museum of Art

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

The Harwood Museum of Art

The University of Michigan Museum of Art

University of Wyoming Art Museum

Leon Gaspard Major Exhibitions:

He had a one man show when he was just a student.

He showed at the National Academy of Design and the Vanderbilt Gallery.

In 1961, Gaspard was honored with a one-man show in Taos.

In 1965, a retrospective exhibition of Gaspard was held by the Museum of New Mexico's art museum.

In 1967, retrospective exhibition of his work by the Maxwell Galleries.

In 1968, a show Hammer Galleries, New York.

In 1982, a retrospective exhibition by the Fenn Galleries in Santa Fe.

In 1984, a show at Gerald Peters Gallery, Santa Fe.

In 1986, a show at Berry-Hill Galleries, New York.

In 2013, a show at Nedra Matteucci Galleries.

In 2015, Leon Gaspard: Impressions From Russia and the Faraway

Leon Gaspard Paintings:

"Taos Home" Oil on Board, Circa 1919, 8.75" x 13.5"

"Chimney Sweep" Oil on linen, 9" x 6.25"

"Walpi" Oil on Canvas Board, c. 1919, 11" x 14"

"Taos, Mother and Child" Sketch Book, Color Crayon and Pencil on Paper, 8" x 6"

"Russian Snow Scene"

"Morning Bazaar in Jaipur India"

"1922 Russian Market Scene"

"The Winter 1914"

"Navajo Women" n.d. oil and pastel on pa Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

"Coffee in the Souk" n.d. oil on canvas Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

"Les Artistes Inconnu" n.d. oil on canvas Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

"Russian Type in Fur Hat" n.d. oil on board Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

"Vitebsk on the Dvina" n.d. oil on board Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

"King Solomon" 1940 oil, gouache and gol Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

"Pearl River at Canton" 1926 oil on board Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

Study for "Dara in Moscow" n.d. pastel on rice paper Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

"Russian Street Scene" 1905 oil on silk on mahog Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

"Russian Bridge" Close of Day 1922 oil on canvas Memorial Art Gallery

Leon Gaspard Art Works On Line

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"Portrait of a Young Girl" Oil Painting 1919


"Taos Procession", oil on canvas

"Indian Woman With Turquoise", 1925, oil on silk on board

"Russian Christmas", 1914, oil on board

"Girls of Sart", 1926, oil on canvas on board


Gaspard said, "Absolute happiness can be achieved by good fellowship, and good conversation, and a drink of vodka"

Doc Martin, the Taos doctor at that time, recommended whisky as a medicine for Gaspard. Leon was distrustful.

He said, "Old Grand Dad? I never hear of such medicine."

But after he slept off his troubles, Gaspard returned the next day for more medicinal doses.

Leon Gaspard recognized the common identity of the nomads of Asia and the American Indians.

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