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SOLD "Apache" Framed
SOLD"Attacking Stage" Framed
SOLD"Storm Clouds over Taos Mountain" FramedOil on board, 14" x 20" 1947-1948
SOLD"Moonlight and Shadows" Framed
SOLD"Mooonlight Taos" Framed
SOLD"Afternoon Shadows" Framed
SOLD"Marketday Mexico" Framed
SOLD "Irrigation Ditch" Framed Oil on board, 12" x 16" 1949

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Oscar E Berninghaus (1874-1952)

written by Robert Parsons

and Ashley Rolshoven

Berninghaus said he was "infected with the Taos germ" and was "fascinated by the people, the Indians and Mexicans,

the adobe architecture, the sagebrush, the mountains, they all inspired me as a subject matter."

He explained his art as, “The painter must first see his picture as paint-as color-as form-and not as a landscape or a figure.

He must see with his inner eye, then paint with feeling, not with seeing.”

He was a Painter, Illustrator, Muralist and Lithographer.

His art is categorized as Impressionism, Realism, Representationism and Naturalism.

He was a founder of the Taos Society of Artists,

along with Joseph Sharp, Bert Phillips, Ernest Blumenschein, Irving Couse and Herbert Dunton.

He was honored as, "He ranks among the foremost of Indian painters of the country."

Van Deren Coke said, "The simple and clear part of Berninghaus' art also conceals

a true psychological understanding of his major subject, the Pueblo Indians".

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