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Ron Rencher

“In the Land of the Tiwa”30” x 40” oil on linen
“A Song Runs Through It”18” x 19” oil on linen

"LISTEN TO WISDOM"11" x 14" oil on mounted linen
"FALLING LEAVES"12" x 9" oil on mounted linen
"Autumn Shade"
SOLD"Autumn Shade"12” x 9” oil on panel
SOLD"THE COTTONWOOD TRAIL"10" x 12" oil on mounted linen
SOLD“Ceremony”5” x 7” oil on linen

SOLD"Contemplation"10" x 12" oil on panel
SOLD"COMMUNION WITH COTTONWOODS"21" X 21" oil on gessoed panel
SOLD“Into the Valley of the Tiwa”8” x 10” oil on linen
SOLD“Through the Aspen”9” x 12” oil
SOLD"MAGPIE LORE"20" X 24" oil on linen

SOLD“Tewa Camp at Nambe”10 5/8” x 16 ¾” Oil on panel
SOLD"In Higgin’s Courtyard"10" X 8" Oil
SOLD"A Song to the Setting Sun"11" X 14"
SOLD“The Council Tree”9” x 12” Oil on panel
SOLD“The Messenger”11” x 14” oil

SOLD“The Hacienda Gate”16” x 20” oil on linen
SOLD"A SONG OF GRATITUDE TO WATER"12.25” x 11” oil on mounted linen
“Autumn Moon”
SOLD“Autumn Moon”18” x 24” oil on linen
SOLD“Stories on the Trail”11” x 14” Oil on linen
SOLD"Reason Rules The Day"12" x 12"
SOLD"TAOS RIDERS ON THE RIO GRANDE"12" x 16" oil on mounted linen
SOLD“The Story of Two Wolves”9” x 12” Oil on gessoed board

"Native Summer"
SOLD"Native Summer"9" x 12" oil on panel
SOLD“Courtship”20” x 30” oil on canvas
"The Elders Speak"
SOLD"The Elders Speak"8" x 10" oil on panel
SOLD"Deliberation"11" x 14" oil on mounted linen
"Comanche Lane, Taos"
SOLD"Comanche Lane, Taos"10” x 12” oil on gessoed panel
“Trail of the Moon”
SOLD“Trail of the Moon”
“The Smoke of Many Fires”
SOLD“The Smoke of Many Fires”12" x 18" oil on linen
"Taos Blue"
SOLD"Taos Blue"12" x 16" oil on panel

"Almost Home"
SOLD"Almost Home"10" x 16" oil on linen
SOLD"Taos Man with Flute"12" x 8"
SOLD"Tiwa"12" x 8" Oil on panel
SOLD“Horse Talk”8” x 12” Oil on mounted linen
SOLD“Passing By”11”x14” oil on linen

SOLD"NATIVE SUMMER EVENING"8" x 10" oil on gessoed panel
SOLD”Pueblo Life”14” x 14” oil on linen
SOLD"AFTERNOON HORSE TALK"8" x 10" oil on mounted linen

Ron Renchers' Art prices have risen steadily. Please contact the Gallery for the latest prices and current inventory.

Parsons does not offer reproductions, because no reproduction can compare to the real paintings.

Parsons invites you to visit the Galleries to experience the unmatched beauty of the real art.

by Robert Parsons

and Ashley Rolshoven


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