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Fremont Ellis

"Headed for the Ranch"22" x 30"
"Through the  Cottonwoods"22" x 30"
"Fall Aspens Aspen Ranch"
"Fall Aspens Aspen Ranch"oil on canvasboard, 22" x 30"
“Shadows on the Mountains”29” x 36” Oil on canvas
"La Blanca"
"La Baranca"22" x 30"
"Mountain Spring NM"
"Mountain Spring NM"11" x 14" 
"Adobe and Fields"
"Adobe and Fields"
SOLD"Fall River Bend"22" x 30" Oil
SOLD"Mountain Stream"24" x 30" oil
SOLD"Aspens and Sunlight"24” x 30” Oil on Canvas
"Sol y Sombre"
SOLD"Sol y Sombre" 
Garden by the Well"
SOLD "Garden by the Well"Oil on canvas1927
"Adobes and Chilis"
SOLD"Adobes and Chilis"
SOLD"Aspens"24" x 30"
"Taos Adobe"
SOLD "Taos Adobe"
"Autumn Aspens"
SOLD "Autumn Aspens"oil on canvas, 24" x 30"1951
SOLD"Spring"16" x 20"
"Road to Santa Fe"
SOLD"Road to Santa Fe"Oil on board, 30" x 24"
"Santa Cruz Church"
SOLD"Santa Cruz Church"
"The Arroyo, New Mexico"
SOLD"The Arroyo, New Mexico"Oil on canvas, 22" x 30"
Ellis Painting
"Autumn Landscape"
SOLD"Autumn Landscape"
"Chama Bluff"
SOLD"Chama Bluff"Oil on paper, 7" x 10"ca. 1920 - 1929
"River Bed at Pojaque"
SOLD"River Bed at Pojaque"Oil on board, 22" x 30"1921
"Christmas Pass"
SOLD"Christmas Pass"
"Fall Aspens"
SOLD"Fall Aspens"
"Monument Valley"
SOLD"Monument Valley"
"Indian's Adobe"
SOLD"Indian's Adobe"
"Mountain landscape"
SOLD"Mountain landscape"Oil on board, 9" x 12"
"Old Mill Stream"
SOLD"Old Mill Stream"
"Overlooking the River Valley"
SOLD"Overlooking the River Valley"
"Along the Pueblo Road"
SOLD"Along the Pueblo Road"Oil on canvasboard, 11.25" x 6"

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When Ellis fell in love with Santa Fe and the Southwest, he said,  "It was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen."

- Fremont F Ellis (1897-1985)

Fremont Ellis

Fremont Ellis Artist

courtesy Bambi Ellis

Ellis fell in love with Santa Fe, and said, "It was the most beautiful place I'd ever seen."

On the mystery of Art, Ellis said, "The thing that really makes a picture good—you can't tell."

"Physical vision you must have, but you must have the mental vision to go with it.

You see with the mental vision as well as the physical."

Fremont Ellis

Fremont Ellis Painter

courtesy Bambi Ellis

written by  Robert Parsons

And Ashley Rolshoven

Ellis Signature Examples

Authentic signatures are only a part of certifying Traditional Fine Art.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Fremont Ellis  Highest Auction Prices

"Indian Summer-Santa Fe, New Mexico"  Price:     $95,600

"Navajo Country"  Price:     $82,250

"THE ROAD THROUGH THE ASPENS"  Price:     $69,000

"On the Pankey Pasture"  Price:     $58,750

"Golden Autumn"  Price:     $54,000

"Indian Village, Red River Canyon, Near Taos"  Price:     $46,000

"El Cabellero"  Price:     $45,410

"Through the Aspens"  Price:  $45,000

"Aspens, Santa Fe Canyon"  Price:     $44,063

"New Mexico Landscape with Wagon"  Price:     $40,625

Fremont Ellis prices have risen steadily. Please contact the Gallery for the latest prices and current inventory.

Parsons does not offer Fremont Ellis reproductions, because no reproduction can compare to the real paintings.

  Parsons invites you to visit the Galleries to experience the unmatched beauty of the real art.

Fremont F Ellis Paintings:

“Fiesta Day”

“Summer Day”


“Red River Canyon”

“Mountain Scene”

“Madison River Montana”

“Autumn Aspens”

“Fall Aspens, Aspen Ranch”

“Road to Santa Fe”

"Adobe and Fields”


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