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  Howard Norton Cook 1901-1980


"Rosanna"  "Deerdance"
"Talpa Valley, NM"
"Rio Grande"

 "Talpa Valley, NM"  "Rio Grande"

 "Picuris Mountain Winter"  "Mohave Dawn"
 watercolor, 21.5" x 38"
circa 1938
 "Setting Sun (Taos)"  "New York"
 oil, 12 1/2" x 23 1/4"   
 circa 1945
 "Villanueva" detail 1  "Villanueva" detail 2
 "Villanueva" detail 3  "Villanueva" detail 4


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Howard Norton Cook 1901-1980

written by  

and Ashley Rolshoven

 "I've always wanted the suggestion of movement in my work," Cook said.

Howard Norton Cook 
  Highest Auction Prices

 "New York Skyscapers"  Price:     $57,600

"THE BATTERY, NEW YORK"  Price:     $50,000

"NITE CONSTRUCTION"  Price:     $34,600

"The Bridge"  Price:  $27,500

"Corn Dance, Cochiti, Pueblo"  Price:     $18,700

"Uranium Mine"  Price:     $16,200

"Tio Vivo"  Price:     $15,600

"CITY FACADE #1"  Price:     $14,340

"Cityscape"  Price:     $12,360

"The Battery, New York"  Price**:     $9,775

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Howard Cook, best known for his engravings and wood carvings,  attended the Art Students League where he spent two years studying under Max Weber, George Bridgeman, and Andrew Dasburg.

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