Cady Wells in Taos

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Cady Wells (1904 – 1954)

"Mountains of Taos"
11.5" x 18", Watercolor

"Mountains of Taos"  Framed

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Cady Wells (1904 – 1954)

written by  

and Ashley Rolshoven

Cady Wells found his way to New Mexico in 1931, and sought out Andrew Dasburg’s instruction shortly thereafter.

Cady Wells in Taos
Cady Wells in Taos

Cady Wells photo

Cady Wells photo

Cady Wells (1904 – 1954)   Highest Auction Prices

"Orange Rocks, Jacona"  Sales Price:     $16,250

"Barranca", alternatively titled, "Taos Mountain"  Price:     $13,750

"Near Otawi, New Mexico"  Price:     $11,700

"Desert Hills (No. 79), 1933"   Price:     $10,200

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Cady Wells art works include:  “Mountains of Taos,” “Orange Rocks, Jacona,” “Head of a Bulto,” “Jacona, Autumn,” “Chapel,” and “Valdez.”

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