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  Barbara Latham 1896-1989

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"Rabbit Hunt" "View from Ranchos"
 "In a Hurry"  "Autumn Sortie"
 "Approaching Storm" "Coming Home Late"
"Caught in a Shower"   "Indian Corrals"
 "MoonlightChants"  "Owl"
 "Hunting for Horses" "Lonesome Horse"

 "Memories of Taos" "Taosplaza"
 "Sunday ride" "View from Ranchos"
 "The Shopping Trip"   "Appleblossom Time"
"Crosses"  "Ranchos Winter"

 "Corrals"  "Starting on a Rabbit Hunt"
"Sky"   "Owl"

 "Riding into Wind"
 "Racing Home" "Indian Corrals"
"The Dinner Bell"   


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Barbara Latham

written by

Barbara Latham, Taos painter of brilliant joy and insight, said:

 “I had lived under the brilliant western sky all summer, but I had never experienced such brilliance, contrasted with such fragrant desert. … I loved Taos from the moment I stepped off the train.”  "I’ve been very happy here."  "And I’m still having fun with my art."

Barbara Latham said: "New Mexico has been part of my life for more than sixty years. I’ve been very happy here. I miss the wild Taos of the twenties and thirties, which is what I fell in love with, and where I fell in love. Although everything has changed … New Mexico is still a vital and happy place for me."

Taos artists Barbara Latham and Howard Cook married in 1927.

Barbara (Cook) Latham sale prices continue to rise in value and set new highest auction prices. 

Barbara Latham   Highest Auction Prices

"Getting Ready for the Rabbit Hunt"  Sales Price:   $18,000

"Indians Picking Plums"  Price:  $14,400

"Navajo Women Waiting"  11" x 21"   Oil , graphite and fabric / Masonite  Price:   $8130

"Santo on U.S. 64"   
Price:     $6,463

"Window Shopping"  12" x 9" Oil / Masonite  Price: $5,750

"Caught in a Dust Storm"  Price:  $5,500

"Stopping for a Visit"  Price:  $5,000

"Moonlight Pow Wow"  Price:     $3,587

"Irises"  Price:     $3,000

"Fresh Snow"  Price:  $2,750

"Snowy Road"  Price:  $2,250

"Iris"   Price:   $1,750

Fine Art prices have risen steadily. Please contact the Gallery for the latest prices and current inventory.

Parsons does not offer Barbara Latham prints, because no print can compare to the real paintings.

  Parsons invites you to visit the Galleries to experience the unmatched beauty of the real art.

Barbara Latham Timeline:

Born at Walpole, Massachusetts, 1896

Educated in Art at:

Norwich Connecticut Art School

Pratt Institute

Art Students League

Apprenticed with Andrew Dasburg

Moved to Taos, New Mexico In 1925

Victor Higgins played match maker introducing

Barbara Latham to Howard Cook. They married in May 1927.

In 1938 Latham and Cook moved to their Talpa ridge home.

She died in 1989.

Barbara Latham Exhibitions

Witte Memorial Museum

Dallas Museum of Fine Arts

Roswell Museum

Weyhe Gallery

Barbara Latham Art Media includes:

Paintings in oil, egg tempera and watercolors

Wood Engravings




Linoleum cuts

Barbara Latham Art Works include:

"Approaching Storm"

"Tourist Town, Taos"

"Decoration Day"

"Tourist Town Taos"

"View From Our House in Talpa"

“Getting Ready for the Rabbit Hunt”

“Rio Grande in the Spring”

"Pedro, Nina and Perrito" 1939


"Approaching Storm"

"Lonesome Horse" 

 "In a Hurry"

"Coming Home Late" 

 "Autumn Sortie"

"Caught in a Shower" 

 "Indian Corrals"



 "Hunting for Horses"

  "Memories of Taos"


 "Sunday ride"

"View from Ranchos"

 "The Shopping Trip"

  "Appleblossom Time"


"Ranchos Winter"


 "Starting on a Rabbit Hunt"



 "Riding into Wind"

 "Racing Home"

Barbara Latham Art publications include:

Norcross Publishing Company

Forum magazine

New York Times Sunday magazine.

Barbara Latham Museum Collections include:

The Whitney Museum of American Art

National Academy of Design

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Library of Congress

Museum of New Mexico

Roswell Museum and Art Center

The Harwood Museum of Art

Denver Art Museum

The Slater Memorial Museum

Henry Art Gallery

Michael C Carlos Museum

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

Sangre De Cristo Arts Center

The Newark Museum

Jim and Virginia Moffett Collection

Barbara Latham Museum Collections On Line:

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David Owsley Museum of Art Collection

Roswell Museum and Art Center

The Smithsonian American Art Museum

New Mexico Museum of Art in Santa Fe

Indianapolis Museum of Art

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