Dean Porter Paintings

  "Cottonwood and Chamisa"
"Cottonwood and Chamisa" 7” x 11”   watercolor
"NM Atmosphere"
"NM Atmosphere"11" x 14"
"On the Way to Questa"
"On the Way to Questa" 7” x 11”   watercolor
"Lockwood's Land"
SOLD"Lockwood's Land"15” x 22”   watercolor
"Afternoon in Arroyo Seco"
SOLD"Afternoon in Arroyo Seco"15" x 22"
SOLD"Pueblo Monsoons of the Red Door"15” x 22” watercolor
SOLD"Mountains"7” x 11”   watercolor
SOLD“On the Way to the Taos Pueblo”40” x 49”  Oil on canvas
"In the Valley"
SOLD"In the Valley"21" x 29"
"Taos Book Shop"
SOLD"Taos Book Shop" 7” x 11”   watercolor
SOLD"Calm Before the Storm"11" x 15" watercolor
"The Morada"
SOLD"The Morada"7" x 11"
"Taos Pueblo Halo"
SOLD"Taos Pueblo Halo"7" x 11"
"Acoma Ladders"
SOLD"Acoma Ladders"7” x 11”   watercolor
SOLD"Canyon Road Santa Fe"11" x 15" watercolor
"Taos Pueblo 1975"
SOLD"Taos Pueblo 1975"11" x 14"
SOLD"Acoma" 7” x 11”   watercolor
SOLD"From My Studio"18" x 24" Acrylic on Canvas
"Diamond K"
SOLD"Diamond K"15" x 22"

by  Robert Parsons

and   Ashley Rolshoven

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