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William Moyers (1916 -1966) 


Bronze, 6.5 x 4 x 2.5” , titled
"Buffalo Chant"

William Moyers (1916 -1966)

Nicolai Fechin Art for sale.  Charcoals, Drawings, Paintings at Parsons in Taos

"I paint what I do," Moyers said, "because I find the working cowboy, past and present,
such a harmonious outgrowth of his whole environment. He accepts the action, weather, loneliness, and responsibilities as a normal existence.
Too, there is a lot of nostalgia in it for me—a chance to recapture something of which I can no longer be a part."
"The West is a real part of my life."
"The basic elements of fear, conflict, hunger, need, and the effects of weather . . .anyone in the world during any age can understand".

William Moyers (1916 -1966) Highest Auction Prices 

"The Strawberry Roan" Price: $9,775

"Scattering Christmas Cheer" Price: $8,050

"Another Man's Cattle" Price: $7,540

"Scattering Christmas Cheer" Price: $7,475

"Rope for a Bunch Quitter" Price: $6,900

"Falling Behind" Price: $6,600

"March Wind" Price: $6,325

"Not Fit for Women or Children" Price: $6,325

"The Job Hunter" Price: $6,095

"Working the Mt. Range" Price: $5,850

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written by +Robert Parsons

Nicolai Fechin

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