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Jerry Jordan

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 "A Walk With Memory"  "Aspen Golden"

"Can You See Yesterday?"
 14" x 14" oil on canvas
  "People Born of Endless Change"
30" x 36" oil on canvas

 "The Sound of the Drum"  "The Dream Still Lives Here"
30" x 40"  oil on canvas
 "There's No Place Like Home"  "Through the Eyes of Dreams"
 12" x 16" oil on canvas
 "Yesteryear on Ledoux"  "A Kiss By a Summer Rain"
30" x 40" oil  on canvas
   "Return to Serenity"
 16" x 20" oil on canvas
 "Morning Has Come"
 14" x 14" oil on panel

 "A Time Remembered"  "In Conversation with Friends"  

"An Invitation"   "Residing Spirit"
12" x 16"  oil on canvas 
 "Blessing Gathering" "Out of the Earth"
9" x 12"  oil on panel 
 "Night Has Become Day"  "In the Pages of My Mind"
 30" x 36"  oil on canvas 

"So Vibrant As To Resist Boundary"
 10" x 12"  oil on panel 
"The Spirit of Endless Time"
 20" x 25"  oil on canvas 

"Winter's Eve"
25" x 30"
30" x 36"  oil on canvas
"Studio Still Life" "Panorama of Color"
 16" x 20" Oil on board 

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