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Jerry Jordan
“Deep Sense of Belonging” “On a Calm Day"
12” x 16” oil on canvas 12” x 16” oil on canvas
"Foot Prints Left" "This is a Good House"
30" x 40" oil on canvas  36" x 36" oil on canvas  
“New Dreams for Tomorrow”  “Winter Harmony” 
8” x 10” oil on panel 12” x 16” oil on panel 
"A New Day"   "A Trace of Yesterday"
 8" x 8" oil on panel   8" x 8" oil on panel
"Ancient Spirits Are At Peace Here"   "Awaiting the Dance" 
 8" x 8" oil on panel 8" x 8" oil on panel 

 "Colorful Images Become Alive" "Insistent Seasons" 
 8" x 8" oil on panel  16" x 20" oil on panel
 "Peace Showers"   "The Rain Will Pass" 
8" x 8" oil on panel  8" x 8" oil on panel

"Yesterdays Footprint"  “Shower Dance”
14" x 14" oil on canvas  16” x 20” oil on canvas
"Land of Our Home" "Blanket of Hope" 
30" x 40"  20" x 24" 

"Time Kept Secrets"  "The Serenity of Winter"
5" x 9"   
"The Sky Rules the Mountain"
 14" x 14" oil on canvas
 "Shifting Drama of Color"
 14" x 14" oil on canvas

"Span of Time and Traditions"
14" x 14"
"Song of the Rain"
24" x 34" oil on canvas
 "Shower Blessing"
16" x 20" oil on canvas
 "Landscape of Human Experience"
12" x 16"


"A Place To Dream"
 10" x 12"  oil on panel 
"Here Comes The Rain"
 14" x 14"  oil on canvas 

 "Path of Honor"
 12" x 16"  oil on canvas
"Rose Colored Memories"
16" x 20"  oil on panel 

"Forever in Time"
30" x 36" oil on canvas 
"The Link Which Binds"
 14" x 14" oil on canvas 
 What You Look Forward To 14 x 14 oil
  "What You Look Forward To"   "A Day in Life Indian Way"
"Village Gateway"     "Alignment of the Seasons"

"Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow"
16.5" x 24.5"  oil on panel 
 "Beauty of the Common Place"
16" x 20"  oil on canvas

 "Winter's Eve"
25" x 30" oil on canvas
"The T.A.O.S. Magic"
12" x 16" oil  on panel

"Old Columbia Hotel"
"Ancestors Walk Among Us"
20" x 25" oil on panel 


SOLD   “Winter Harmony”
"Timeless Serenity"  12” x 16” oil on panel
“How High is the Sky"
16” x 20” oil on canvas

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Jerry Jordan

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