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Don Ward

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"Sunset over the Mesa"
48” x 72” oil on linen
"Summer Garden"
14” x 14” oil on panel
 "Abandoned Shed" "Around the Corner"
 9" x 12" oil on panel 12" x 16" oil on panel

"At Twilight"  "By theCottonwood"
4" x 6" oil on panel12" x 12" oil on panel

  "Des Montes Homestead" "Gorge View"
18" x 22" oil on panel 12" x 16" oil on panel 

"On the Market Needs a Little TLC"  "Soft Gold at Sunset" 
14" x 18" oil on panel  30" x 24" oil on canvas
“Over the Desert to the Mountain”
  15” x 30” oil on linen
  "Winter Harmony"
9"  x 12"
“Rustic Charm”
12” x 16” oil on pane
“Mountain Shadows”
12” x 16” oil on panel
“Morning Smoke”
20” x 16” oil on panel
“Lilac Blossoms”
11” x 14”
20” x 16” oil on linen
 “Afternoon Pastorale”
24” x 30” oil on linen
"Winter Adobe"

"Yellow Iris"
16" x 12"  oil on panel

"Sunset over the Sage -- 2014"
36" x 48"  oil on canvas
"Softly at Daybreak"

"Laundry Day"
16" x 20"  oil on panel
"Sunset Over the Sage"
36" x 48" oil on canvas

 "High Country Rancho"  
"Westward Glow"

"Llano View"
"Casa en Talpa" 

"Morning Light"   "October Color"
20" x 24" oil on panel

 "Old Line Camp"  "Summer Sunset"
 9" x 12" oil  on panel 6" x 8" oil on panel

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Don Ward 

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122 D Kit Carson Road, Taos New Mexico, 87571
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