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Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin 1881-1955 

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Fechin Taos Art for Sale: Drawings, Charcoals and Paintings at Parsons in Taos

Fechin painted with his charcoals (obtained from J. M. Paillard Co., Paris), sometimes holding them like a brush.
 And he spared no effort to obtain the highest quality handmade paper from China.
 Fechin's special paper was sometimes delivered by his friend Milan Rupert.  Other times he purchased it from Chinese dealers.
 The paper's thinness imposed its own discipline, but the results are magnificent. These must be seen in person to be truly experienced.
 Fechin's charcoals were very thin, but he sharpened them even more,  making them so thin he had to make special holders for them.
But the precision and the results are unequaled.

  "Frank Waters"   "Taos Pueblo"
17" x 12 1/5"

"Mountain in Winter"  "Cabin in the Woods"
 "Indian Girl with Lean-To"  

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Nicolai Fechin is the most internationally famous artist of the early Taos art colony.
His work is highly sought by collectors worldwide, especially the United States, Russia, and China.

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